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* Free downloads doesn’t mean you can use these beats for profitable commercials. This allows you to use the beat for promotional purposes only.

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Licensing Info



Untagged MP3 File

2500 Distribution Copies

Unlimited Free Downloads

100 Non-Profit Performances

50.000 Audio Streams

No Radio/TV Airplay

Beat Can Still Be Sold



Untagged MP3 & Wav File

7000 Distribution Copies

Unlimited Free Downloads

200 Non-Profit Performances

100.000 Audio Streams

100.000 Video Streams

Beat Can Still Be Sold



Trackout Files

Sell Unlimited Copies

Unlimited Free Downloads

Paid Performances

Unlimited Audio Streams

Unlimited Video Streams

Beat Can Still Be Sold


Make Offer

Trackout Files

Sell Unlimited Copies

Unlimited Free Downloads

Unlimited Paid Performances

Unlimited Audio Streams

Unlimited Video Streams

Obtain Full Rights

Production Credits

Kwesi Arthur

African Girl

(Produced by Mindkeyz)


Shatta Wale

African Girl

(Produced by Mindkeyz)


War Dem Want

(Produced by Mindkeyz)

Young Zerka

Ting Ting

(Produced by Mindkeyz)

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept payments via PayPal,  Western Union or Moneygram. If Western Union or Moneygram are your preferred methods of payment, kindly send us an email or text for the required information.

Yes. As soon as payment has been finalized, a high quality tagless version of the beat / instrumental will be mailed to you.

Depending on your method of payment. This could be instantly (PayPal or Card) or a few hours up to a day (Western Union, Moneygram), depending on the Time Zone.

It depends on the type of license you have purchased. The basic license is for promotional purposes only, and we highly recommend upgrading or purchasing the premium or ultimate license, if you wish to exploit your project commercially.

If the beat is still available, yes. If you ever wish to upgrade a license, you only have to pay  the difference of the license you’re upgrading. E.g. Upgrading from Basic License $30 to Premium $50, the difference that needs to be paid is $20.  ($50 – S30)

It means that every single element of the beat(s) / instrumental(s)  (the kick drum, the snare drum, bass, melodies, samples etc.) will  come in a separate high-quality WAV audio file. This is best suited if you seek the highest quality for your project. Your audio engineer can then adjust every instrument to your specific voice and liking.

With exclusive rights the buyer, not only purchases the beat(s) / instrumental(s), but also the rights to that specific audio file(s). And in turn the seller (Mindkeyz) agrees to sell the rights to that same audio file(s). Upon doing so, the buyer has been granted full ownership of the beat and it will not be available anymore on our webstore or possible for us to resell. However the beat will stay on YouTube, but will be marked as “Sold”. This is done for promotional purposes. Upon purchasing exclusive rights the buyer can do with instrumental as he/she wishes, but under no circumstances resell the beat to a third party.

Non-Exclusive rights (licensing) means that the beat(s) / instrumental(s)  is still the intellectual property of the licensor (Mindkeyz) and we can still sell (exclusively) or re-license the beat(s) / instrumental (s)  to third parties. The licensee can use the beat(s) / instrumental(s) within the rights of his/her purchased license.

No. After purchasing a non-exclusive license you aren’t the owner of the purchased beat(s) / instrumental(s) . A non-exclusive license can be sold multiple times, unlike an exclusive license. When the exclusive rights are sold, the beat(s) / instrumental(s) will be removed from the website.

By purchasing a non-exclusive license you receive a digital agreement that grants you certain rights for its use, as long as the contractual conditions are not violated.

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